Duuna Product Family – inclusive solutions for your service business.

Mobile application developed for controlling you field work and liaison with the fastest growing ERP software in the world – Odoo ERP

Duuna Works

Duuna Works is a service package that includes the integrated systems Odoo Enterprise (ERP) and Workinfo.app. Workinfo.app is a cost-effective and easy to use mobile work management software. With Workinfo you can manage employees, workshift calendars, resources and tasks.

Work hours, expenses, products and resources entered in Workinfo are automatically transfered to Odoo ERP to the correct Project and sale order. In Odoo you can allocate expenses to the corresponding project and reinvoice them with your prefered margin. Project budgeting and profitability analysis is also made easy in Odoo. With Duuna Works you get a comprehensive business solution.

Duuna Field Service Management

Duuna FSM is a complete software platform for field service and it comes with a native mobile application that works seamlessly with Duuna FSM back-office. Field work technicians can easily control projects and tasks assigned to them.

Map integration enables them to plan and optimize routes for their daily service work. It provides overall control of service work and related materials including inventory control.

Duuna Service

Duuna SM is a service management solution which is suitable for companies providing service activities on their own premises. Examples of such companies are for instance ones that provide service for cars or boats.

With Duuna Service, they can control their service processes whether they are subscription type season-related service tasks or order-based service jobs. Consumed time and materials can easily be collected on service jobs and eventually invoiced to customers.

Duuna 24/7

Duuna 24/7 is a software solution for companies that want to keep their store open for customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This solution enables customers to buy spare parts or other items whenever they need like for instance in case of an emergency.

They use hand-held scanners to scan and collect items on a sales order and after check-out, system will automatically send an invoice to the customer.

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