Duuna Field Service Management

Mobile application developed for controlling you field work and liaison with the fastest growing ERP software in the world – Odoo ERP


Total control of field activities

Duuna FSM mobile application has been developed for all types of field work including field service, installations and project work. Duuna FSM helps both field work technicians and administrators to gain total control of overall processes.

Integrated with Google Maps

Full integration with Google Maps enables efficient route planning, location control of resources and log data.

integrated with Odoo ERP

Real-time integration with Odoo ERP provides almost unlimited possibilities to streamline field service and field work with all other business processes of your company.

Planning and scheduling

Field work administrators plan and schedule all tasks in Odoo back end planning board. They can assign tasks to a specific technician or leave tasks unassigned. Technicians will automatically see all tasks in their mobile application and can start their work with a click of a button.

Control materials and inventory

With the click of a button or by scanning EAN codes technicians can add materials to tasks or create warehouse transfers. Using serial numbers you’ll also have full control of specific products all the time.

Automate invoicing process

Once a task or project is marked as done it can be invoiced. All of the materials, working hours and expenses recorded on the task or project are automatically transferred to the customer invoice. The only thing left to do is sending the invoice!

Simple documentation

Technicians, as well as field work administrators, can easily add and view photos, comments or documents to tasks.

Comprehensive reports

Field work administrators can extract detailed and extensive reports. View project profitability, worker efficiency, sales per customer etc.

Interested in a native FSM solution for Odoo?

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