Easy to use cloud software to manage workforce

Duuna Works, a part of the ERPWare Duuna product family, is a cloud service package that combines the Odoo enterprise resource planning and Workinfo.app workforce management software, enabling cost-effective licensing and focus on productive work, regardless of place and device.


Work Shifts

Duuna Works enables hassle-free digital collaboration and worker self-service to plan work shifts and allocate human resources.

Work Orders

Assign a project task in Odoo to an employee, and a new work order in Workinfo.app is created and assigned with the data from Odoo.

Automate invoicing process

Once a task or project is marked as completed it can be invoiced. The materials and working hours recorded on the project are automatically transferred to the customer invoice with your defined sales margin.


Workers fill their timesheets using their mobile devices. The time entry can be connected in Workinfo.app to a site, resource, task, and work order.

Control materials and other resources

With only a click of a button or by scanning EAN codes workers can add materials and other resources to their timesheet entries.

Expenses and kilometer compensations

Record expenses and mileage entries easily with your mobile device.

Save on license costs

You don’t have to purchase an Odoo license for the workers using only the Workinfo.app functionality, such as work orders, work shifts, timesheets, mileage, and expenses. The license and maintenance cost starts from zero (0) euros.

Odoo integration

Defined Odoo users can extract detailed and extensive reports. View project profitability, worker efficiency, sales per customer etc. Workinfo.app is integrated with ERPware Odoo which includes full financial services, electronic invoicing, bank connections, logistics integration, and others.

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